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Home Use Generators - How Much Power Do I Need.

Millions of people use standby generators for home use as a source of emergency power. Every household should have one. There are good deals available everywhere, take your time choosing.

Don't wait until an emergency. Your investment will pay you back over many years. just take care of it. There is a lot of choice and availability out there.

Remember that starting any appliance needs a lot more energy than running that appliance.
Electrical items need a surge of power just to get them going.
Same as us humans! Make sure all your appliances are not on when you turn on your generator. Start them one by one.
This can really cut down on the size of generator you will need.

It's important to round up not down when you are calculating the size that you need. For example if your caculations work out at 1700w go for an 1800. This means you can add other appliances and will allow for things you did not think of like your daughter and friends really needs to use hair tongues in an emergency! Best to be prepared.

Get a certified professional to advise if you are in doubt. He or she will just ask a couple of simple questions and then advise. Most will give this help without charging. Always write down the appliance you will most likely want to use during a mains power outage. Then work out the wattage needs of these appliances. Check out the suppliers recommendations.

They will all usually have this information readily available, they can offer some expert advice. You do need to know the appliances you want to run on the portable generator. Remember cost of replacing all food in your freezer in your budgeting. So many people make this mistake.

By: Sinead Douglas

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